QuickView Technologies, Inc. specializes in researching Texas vehicle title and registration records contained in the Department of Motor Vehicles (MVR) database. We provide comprehensive low cost research reports based on license Plate, VIN, Document (Title) or Handicap Placard number inquiries in real-time. Our research reports contain all vehicle information except restricted personal information as outlined in the Federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act (FDPPA) . However, if you require restricted personal information in the vehicle record and meet the Permitted Use requirements outlined in the FDPPA 18 U.S.C.~2721, it will be included at no extra charge. Personal information will include the Previous owner, Current Texas vehicle owners name with address and the Lien holders name with address.

Known over the years as "running a TWX, TWIX, DMV, Telex or ASR report", vehicle registration information including access of restricted personal information is allowed by certifying the Permitted Use.

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VinAudit reports from the NMVTIS database provides data on
five key indicators . Vin check is free and a full report is $4.99.
Restricted personal information is not included.