50 Game-Changing Innovations in Robotics, Home Technology and Medicine

Every year, the Edison Awards are given to global-converting improvements in a spread of classes. Winners are selected using a panel of greater than 3,000 business executives along with past award winners, lecturers and leaders within the fields of product development, layout, engineering, technological know-how and medical. The following are the 50 winners of this […]

Artificial Intelligence – The destiny of BFSI era

Over the remaining a long time, technology has been swiftly going digital. Starting with BI, now the movement is toward analytics and AI. Banking is regulated, so it’s for taking a touch longer for AI to be adopted. AI can be the biggest disruptor for the enterprise- internal operations, patron-facing tactics and even compliances might […]

Meet the CNBC Technology Executive Council

From organisations — public and personal — to nonprofits and government entities, the CNBC Technology Executive Council incorporates pinnacle tech executives who are remodelling companies via leveraging innovation and disruption. The council, together with CNBC, lead ongoing excessive-precedence discussions about using breakthrough technology to clear up issues and electricity growth while addressing the challenges presented […]

How Technology From the Space Race Changed the World

The Cold War that followed World War II because the United States and the Soviet Union competed for global dominance changed the sector all the time, and the era from the space race maintains to steer ordinary existence. That race started in earnest inside the Fifties as each international locations feverishly evolved nuclear guns and […]

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Health with Technology in 2019

Yes, era receives a bad wrap, and we apprehend why. Applications, gadgets, and your standard smart products seem to be designed to distract you from your day or if you are feeling philosophical, your fact. Just think about how a whole lot of time you spend on your smartphone each day. Similar to any other […]

How Technology may want to Impact Social Development Challenges: CSR Leadership Conference (CLC) 2019

The CSR Leadership Conference (CLC) 2019 in New Delhi in partnership in with ICICI Foundation become hosted by way of NASSCOM. The event brought over 300 delegates along with CXOs, CSR Heads of the top maximum agencies from throughout the enterprise, NGO Leads from all over India, Government officers, Tech4Good champions, social innovators under one […]

Astro-ecology: Counting orangutans using star-spotting technology

A ground-breaking clinical collaboration is harnessing era used to examine the luminosity of stars, to perform designated monitoring of orangutan populations in Borneo. Liverpool John Moores University, WWF and HUTAN came together to discuss better methods of detecting the exquisite apes within the Bornean forest canopy, by the use of drones fitted with thermal-imaging cameras. […]

Classroom Technology: How Educators Can Better Manage Learning Tools

There is too much generation in our classrooms – and I’m now not directly speaking approximately students’ cell devices. From interactive whiteboards to pill computers, innovative software to classroom and behaviour control apps to pc-configured seating plans, there’s a bewildering array of tech to be had to teachers today. That’s not to say that those […]

AI generation: When to build, whilst to buy

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming an enterprise imperative. Whether it’s to improve efficiency, discover new commercial enterprise opportunities, or keep up with — or get beforehand of — the opposition, agencies across all industries are exploring the enterprise benefits of AI, with AI adoption tripling in the beyond a year on my own. For a […]

Control, price and convenience decide how Australians use the technology of their homes

We have to get right of entry to plenty of eras that may serve us through automating extra of our daily lives, doing the entirety from adjusting the temperature of our houses to (in the end) placing groceries in our fridges. But do we need these improvements? And – importantly – will we accept as […]