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5 Amazing Facts About Ice Cream


Have you ever wondered how an ice cream cone got its name? Or why is ice cream usually served in a cone rather than a dish? Or what makes one flavor of ice cream more appealing to children than another? These are questions that I am sure many of my readers would like the answers to. Well, I don’t think there are any really “good” answers to these questions. However, I do believe there are a few interesting facts about ice cream that may answer some of your questions.

Let’s begin with the history of the ice cream cone. As most of you probably already know, the first ice cream cones were made by hand by Italian ice cream makers in the mid-1800s. At that time, they were called “popsicles,” and they resembled giant popsicles. But, they weren’t sold in stores… instead… they were sold from street vendors who would walk the streets of major cities with a huge metal tub filled with ice and rock salt and a long wooden stick which they would use to hand-stick an ice pop to each customer. The customers would eat the popsicle and then throw the stick away… thus… disposing of the ice pop.

Ice Cream

This was not a very efficient way to sell ice cream… so… about a hundred years later (in the 1930s), a man named Charles McLaughlin came up with the idea of using a paper or plastic cone instead of a stick to hold the popsicle… and… that was the beginning of the modern-day ice cream cone.

Nowadays, ice cream cones are so standard… we hardly ever think about how revolutionary they were. But ice cream cones are genuinely a great invention. They are more sanitary than a paper or plastic cup… they are easier to eat… and… most of all… they make it possible for the ice cream vendor to easily and quickly hands an ice cream cone to each other other other another customer… and thus… increase sales.

That’s why ice cream vendors always insist their customers buy an ice cream cone when they ask for an ice cream cone. It is much cheaper for the vendor to give away the cone than going through the expense of finding a suitable container to serve the ice cream in.

In fact, in many countries (such as Japan)… the vendors actually expect their customers to refuse the free ice cream cone and then say “no thanks” and walk off without buying anything at all… and… that is O.K. with the vendor because… he knows that many of his customers don’t have enough money to buy anything… even if… it is offered to them for free!

We Always Think About How It Can Be Improved!

Now, let’s talk about the flavors of ice cream. Many people believe that chocolate is the favorite flavor of children… and… vanilla is the favorite flavor of adults… but… that is not true. The truth is… adults like a wide variety of flavors… including… those unusual and bizarre. A 2005 survey revealed that “marsala” (a taste made by adding herbs and spices to chocolate) was American adults’ #1 most desired flavor. And, why not? It’s chocolate… but… with a kick!

On the other hand, children seem to have particular tastes… and… they especially like “vanilla” and “chocolate”. This may be because the first ice cream flavors that many of them are exposed to are vanilla and chocolate… and… since those are the only two flavors they are familiar with… it seems logical for them to like those flavors more than all the others.

Why is cherry so popular with children? The answer is simple: It is sweet… and… after they have eaten a big bowl of ice cream… many children will want… something to cleanse their palate… and… that is when… they will eat a few cherries… and then… their palates will be satisfied… and… they

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