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The 20 Best Music Videos (So Far): Staff Picks

A byproduct of the streaming era, each in phrases of numbers and sources, has been the resurgence of the tune video. Look no in addition to the ambitious video for Lil Nas X’s runaway damage “Old Town Road,” which is double the duration of the music and changed into released with a top-of-the-line party like a Hollywood blockbuster. The biz is in a boom time, and artists are channeling a growing quantity of their creative strength into their visual footprint. There’s no throughline the various first-rate movies of the 12 months up to now — just growing stars, like Billie Eilish and Megan Thee Stallion, and licensed veterans, like Madonna and the Jonas Brothers, looking to flex as imaginatively as viable. The outcomes can be lewd, debatable, empowering, stupid, and unexpected. The playbook most effective requires that you stand out.


In no order but alphabetical, here are our 20 preferred track movies of the 12 months to this point.

Ariana Grande went general glitz and glam for the song video for her No. 1 hit, “7 Rings.” Diamonds? Check. Seven-inch heels? Check. A superb ponytail that stretches for miles? Check. Grande has described the Thank U, Next recording as a hang out along with her closest buddies — plenty of snacks and bubbly. Watching “7 Rings” takes that electricity and applies a layer of extreme polish. But for the most component, the champagne towers, video games, and dancing doesn’t appear to a ways off from what an actual Grande residence birthday party has to be like. –


“Hey, yeah, whoa-ho, I’m on a roll,” Miley Cyrus-as-Ashley O sings on “On a Roll,” the bona fide earworm (and no, it’s now not that other word people concept) that’s been taking on Twitter. The re-imagined Nine Inch Nails track turned into first heard inside the Black Mirror episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” along with snippets of an accompanying music video. The interwebs straight away demanded an official release and the entire video, and Ashley obliged. Ashley’s visible capabilities in all of her popstar glory, sporting horny popstar apparel and acting the ideal choreography.

Actually, the purple wig and dance sequences may make you observe 2009-era Lady Gaga. People swirling projections on the wall are more than a bit paying homage to Ariana Grande’s “Problem” video. See additionally: each stars’ white boots. But because this is Black Mirror, at approximately 1:49, all of it starts offevolved to go down the tubes, with literal cracks in the video reflecting Ashley O’s journey inside the episode. The unhappy singer is stuck giving the digital camera the finger, she makes a mess in a purple bath, and subsequently, we’re handled to some eerie frames of Aunt Catherine looking pissed. All collectively now: I’m any such massive fan.


Bad Bunny has been unapologetically expressive since starting his career, from donning neon-clawed manicures to rocking intricately specific buzzcuts. In his co-directed video for “Caro,” the Puerto Rican superstar deepens into his female facet. It starts with him getting his nails executed earlier than flipping to a woman gaze — a topic that feels unprecedented within the heavily masculinized Latin international. Model Jazmyne Joy performs Bunny’s active tethered, encapsulating his kooky spirit and swagger. The artist also shows his LGBTQ+ allyship with a numerous selection of runway fashions earlier than capping the video with a steamy make-out session between the 2 Bunnies — marking an in-your-face expression of self-love that challenges the genre’s popularity quo.


Most traditional pop track motion pictures aim to be dream-like escapes from the natural horrors of the outdoor world… however then, Billie Eilish does not make a conventional pop song. It’s simplest fitting that her films need to comply with the fit, mainly with her sinister, backbone-chilling video for “Bury a Friend.” Starring as the monster under a person’s bed, Eilish pulls out the handiest horror tropes to provide existence to her spooky music. Hypodermic needles pierce her back, darkness clouds her eyes, and lighting flickers throughout her face as the megastar haunts her napping friend. Is it a visual representation of sleep paralysis? Is it a metaphor for fear of loneliness? When you locate yourself asking these questions on a tune video, you realize the artist has truely performed something properly.

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