How AirAsia streamlined its customer support

With six name centers handling a couple of customer contact points – consisting of internet forms, stay chat, social media, and smartphone – throughout Asia, low-price airline AirAsia couldn’t reap an unmarried view of its purchaser interactions that become essential to serve its clients higher. “If someone referred to like our name center in Manila […]

The Rise of Human Agents: AI-Powered Customer Service Automation

We are at a tipping point in customer support as extra businesses are turning to AI in the shape of robot method automation, chatbots, and other technologies to scale effectively and provide a splendid provider revel in. However, incorporating extra automation right into an organization’s customer service operations must be dealt with cautiously. More isn’t […]

Five Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction

Duration: How lengthy do we make customers wait? It might be on hold for customer support or within the waiting room of a health practitioner’s workplace. Waiting is friction. Wasting our customer’s time is friction. That little recording you hear when you’re on keep must say, “Your call is NOT surely that crucial to us. […]

3 Counter-intuitive Customer Service Lessons Entrepreneurs Should Learn

At about 1 a.M. In the course of a memorable experience I took to Australia, I woke up suddenly in a hot sweat in my resort room on the Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay. Supposedly among that united states’ leading accommodations, the Intercontinental payments itself as “Sydney’s Exclusive Bayside retreat,” wherein visitors stay in luxury. According […]

City security guard commemorated for his amazing customer service

If you’ve ever had to do business at Lake Charles city corridor, you probably realize Michael Narcisse, the afternoon safety shield who’s recognized for greeting each person with a smile and a ”How are you doing today?” Narcisse has been running as a security protect at metropolis corridor for simplest seven months now. “I experience […]

5 Ways to Eliminate Customer Service Friction

It’s been a while considering the fact that I talked about the standards of friction and convenience. Our customers have learned what it’s want to have a friction-free, no-trouble, convenient revel in. They love doing commercial enterprise with the businesses that make it smooth. If it’s clean to interchange groups, they’re brief to exchange whilst […]

10 Examples of Great Customer Service

Customers expect the identical treatment irrespective of wherein they move. Customers assume the equal remedy no matter in which they cross. The benchmarks for excellent customer service is higher than ever! But how frequently do you revisit your customer service strategy? Below are 10 customer support examples of manufacturers that went that more mile with […]

When AI-enhanced customer support is on the line, so is your privacy

Customer service is an important part of many corporations, so it comes as no marvel that digital technology is increasingly more being applied to this area. By its very nature, a customer support machine is ready people, and often shops and strategies extraordinarily-non-public records. As a result, the brand new generation of superior, laptop-aided customer […]

Christmas in July? Prepare Your Holiday Season Customer Service Now

Every July you watch fireworks, barbeque, and loosen up via the pool. And if your enterprise sells to purchasers, you’re hopefully ramping up your customer service to handle the seasonal spikes from Christmas income. Wait any longer and you’ll place your common client delight at threat. On the alternative hand, if you prepare your holiday […]

Thirteen Steps Business Owners Should Take To Inject Humanity Back Into Customer Service

As agencies grow and amplify, it’s herbal that many factors end up more automatic and processes greater “green”—but this will every so often additionally cause customers becoming numbers on a graph. In order to make sure that you keep your loyal consumer base, in addition to advantage new clients, it’s critical to preserve some of […]