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Choosing And Framing Artwork For Your Home

Curating artwork to meet your design vision requires thorough consideration of a number of vital factors. With the advice of a framing services Singapore company, you too will have the opportunity to pick artwork that best meets your vision for your area Here is our simple overview to choosing the best artwork for your room

Have an overall vision

Developing an overall vision for the room can be done by identifying the colours, kinds and styles of art work that you will be taking a look at. As the saying goes, excellent preparation is half the battle. Ensuring that you have a clear suggestion of your vision for the space can accelerate the procedure of looking for art work, and aid you choose pieces that are preferable.

How To Choose Wall Art for Living Room - Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

Color scheme

The general color scheme of the area is also another vital aspect. You do not want to pick art items which have main colours that conflict with the colours of your wall surfaces, decors and furniture. To select art work that truly enhances the colour scheme of your area, you can take advantage of some standard techniques from colour theory.

The first is to choose analogous colours; this indicates choosing colours that are alongside one another on the colour wheel. If your space includes mainly cozy colours, pick artwork that is produced in red, yellow or orange. The second method is to choose corresponding colours, which are colours that are contrary each other on the colour wheel. For instance, if your room includes many greens, select artwork that consists of lively reds.


You have to consider the illumination configuration of the area. Besides helping you determine which artworks will look the finest in a particular area of the area, it will also aid you consider where to display the artwork and mount after you have obtained it. Great application of lights will improve the overall interior design of the room and offer it a more pleasant feeling.

Figure out how to show the artwork and set up

After acquiring your preferred art work, you must identify how to install them in the room to get the most out of them and enable them to stick out. Besides, these are items that you have painstakingly picked to complement the interior decoration of your space, so don’t be afraid to show them off!

There are several strategies you can utilize to display the artwork more prominently. Avoid hanging paintings in dark corners with very little lights, as this can make them hard to see. For paintings, you can involve mounting services to make certain that they are well-protected and increase their visual quality. Lastly, you can also utilize accent illumination to highlight specific art pieces, by placing flexible fittings above the art work.

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