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Cricket T20 World Cup Analytics and Statistics

Being the second most popular sport in the world, cricket attracts a lot of fans, especially during the world cup. Even if this is the case, they managed to attract many people that love the sport to watch a fantastic show performed by England and Pakistan. But the timing wasn’t perfect, considering we had the soccer World Cup simultaneously.

Unfortunately for Pakistan, England managed to win by five wickets and became the only team that win two trophies. With all the technology we have today, there are a lot of interesting statistics that are important for the match. This can help you when choosing the correct sports odds when betting. So, always research before making a bet, and you will increase your chances of winning.

T20WC 22 fixtures: Australia v NZ and India v Pakistan on blockbuster opening Super 12 weekend

Highest Player Score

Even if England won the tournament, their players were not in the top 3 regarding individual scores. When a player has more than 100 runs as a batsman, that is called a century, and we had 2 of them in the World Cup. The one was done by the highest scorer from South Africa, who got 109 runs out of 56 balls. He did this against Bangladesh, which was a very interesting match.

The second person on the list also managed to get a century with 104 runs out of 64 balls. Glenn Phillips had a century with New Zealand against Sri Lanka. Others close include Michael Jones with 86 runs over 55 balls, Alex Hales from England with 86 runs over 46 balls, and Devon Conway from New Zealand with 92 runs over 58 balls.

Highest Team Scores

Sometimes the score doesn’t look as appealing as the game, which was the case for some matches in the Cup. For example, the opening match was a pure defeat of Australia, which had no luck against New Zealand. The score was 200 to 3, which was the second-highest-scored game in the tournament.

The top match was between South Africa and Bangladesh, devastating for Bangladesh. They only managed to score 5, while South Africa got 205. This was only the game where Rilee Russow had the most runs in the tournament. There were also a few more games with over 150 runs, including New Zealand against Ireland, where New Zealand had 185 runs.

Win Rate

England has again proven to be the top team in the world, and they continue to break records. It should be normal that the champion has the best win percentage and that the runner-ups are in second place, but that wasn’t the case for Pakistan. While England reached over 80% win rate, Pakistan barely exceeded 50% as a runner-up.

Three teams performed better than Pakistan, including New Zealand with a 60% win rate, India with a 66% win rate, and Australia with a 75% win rate. If you don’t know how this happens, it’s because of the group stage where favorites performed better, but also most of them lost in the knockout stage.

Most Runs for the Team

If you wonder how a certain player becomes the best in the world, you must include how many runs he had during the T20 World Cup. One of the best players of all time did an amazing job for his team, which is India, and the player is Virat Kohli. He’s been on the list of top players in the world for a while now, and in this tournament, he managed to get 296 runs through 6 innings.

A few players got over 200 runs during the tournament, but all of them were 50 or more runs behind Virat Kohli. One of them is from the winning team of England, Jos Buttler, with 225 runs. Max O’Dowd also did an amazing job for the Netherlands with 242 runs.

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