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‘Cut cash’ siege of duo in Birbhum

A Trinamul leader and a party councilor in Birbhum’s Sainthia had been gheraoed on Thursday by way of residents worrying go back of “reduce money” allegedly paid to the duo for houses under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana.
The group of 50 demonstrating outdoor the residence of Krishna Das claimed they’d given the cash years in the past, and he had taken it on behalf of councilor Manas Singha. Singha had to face the angry protesters while he arrived a little later. The citizens alleged Rs 30,000-Rs 40,000 had been taken from each PMAY beneficiary. “We came to assert the reduced cash from the Trinamul leaders after chief minister Mamata Banerjee directed the go back of such sums. However, Krishna Das left his home promising us that he might return our money inside a week,” Jyotirmoy Das, one of the protesters, stated.

Das said councilor Singh had additionally promised to go back the cut cash within a day. Singha described the allegations as “fake.” “It is a false allegation about having taken to reduce money for housing tasks in my place. A group of human beings is provoking citizens to annoy Trinamul. Also, I had by no means assured all and sundry that I could supply any cashback,” Singha stated. Hari Das, a beneficiary allocated a house under the scheme two years in the past, said she had to take a non-public mortgage of Rs 40,000 to pay the Trinamul chief. “After my name turned into enlisted (within the scheme), Krishna Das stated I might get the house most effective if I paid him Rs forty 000. I said I had no cash and might pay him later. But he stated finances might be allocated most effectively when I paid him. So, I took a non-public mortgage and paid him,” stated Hari Das.


Sources stated a beneficiary became given Rs 3.2 lakh to construct a single-story residence in urban areas. It had become an “exercise” for the local councilor or a party chief in every municipal ward to take Rs 30,000-Rs 40,000 as a fee for each allotment. In another incident, 5 humans, together with a woman, had been injured in a conflict among organizations of Trinamul over reducing cash dispute within the 100 days’ job scheme at Rasulpur village in Birbhum’s Dubrajpur on Wednesday night.

Anubrata turf protest

The “reduce cash” agitation spilled over to Bolpur, the place of origin of Trinamul Birbhum chief Anubrata Mondal, on Thursday night whilst a set of 60 gheraoed a party workplace within the Jambuni area demanding the return of such sums allegedly taken from them for allotments underneath the PMAY housing challenge. There is this sort of sturdy belief in the collective cognizance that money is not spiritual. I frequently see folks who had been materially relaxed before they got at the nonsecular path all at once go broke once they get at the spiritual direction. Odd, isn’t it? Think about this, and take a sincere study of what baggage you might have picked up whilst to procure “spiritual.”

Another massive hurdle is “either/or” wondering. I can both be appropriate and nonsecular, or rich and not spiritual. I can both do what I love or make money. I can both be an awesome man or woman and be negative, or a greedy character and be rich. Either/or thinking is usually limiting. There are by no means the handiest picks. This is an infinite universe. Beliefs are often invisible. However, they affect your reality besides. Ask yourself: Do I accept as true that money is the root of all evil or a few such religious judgments? Do I assume cash has any power in any respect other than what I give it? Do I agree with I have to paintings simply tough to earn money? Do I choose folks who do not sweat for it, or inherit it, or obtain it lose?

Think, “Rich human beings, CEOs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump,” after which say your first gut emotions about them out loud. Now, at the least partially, why your cash vibration is what it’s miles. Ask yourself, “When others have what I keep in mind “an excessive amount of cash,” how do I sense in my frame about them? And what am I basing my judgment upon? Who says it’s an excessive amount? God?

(I promise you God would not decide, and in reality gave you loose will to do, be, and feature something you need.) ONLY people choose. And judgment glues you to the negative component of that which you decide. Do you ever use the phrase “greed,” as in company greed, or that individual is grasping due to the fact he has way greater than he wishes? Do you are making human beings incorrect who do not provide cash to you when you ask?

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