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Congress seeks inquiry fee to probe “cut money” allegations in West Bengal

The chief of the opposition inside the kingdom meeting and senior Congress chief Abdul Mannan demanded that the West Bengal government forms an inquiry fee to probe the “reduce cash rip-off” by a segment of TMC representatives in parts of the nation. We call for that there ought to be an inquiry commission into this reduced money scam. The human beings who’ve been looted may have an outlet to vent out their grievances and the fee could have the right to pick out the ones who have sought cash from the not unusual man. What goes on is developing chaos throughout the state,” Mannan said.

His demand comes inside the backdrop of the statewide protests out of doors residences of a number of TMC leaders by using humans, who sought the return of reducing cash taken by them. Mostly, elected representatives at municipal and panchayat levels faced the public ire within Birbhum, Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri, Burdwan, Malda, Purulia, Nadia, West Midnapore, and Bankura.

At the latest meeting with TMC councilors, TMC supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said, “I do now not need to hold thieves in my party. If I take movement, they may be a part of some other party. Some leaders are claiming 25 in line with the cent commission for imparting housing presents to the negative. This has to prevent at once. Return the money if any of you have taken it.


There is any such robust perception inside the collective cognizance that cash isn’t always religious, that I frequently see folks who were materially at ease before they got on the nonsecular direction unexpectedly go broke after they get at the spiritual course. Odd, is not it? Think about this, and take an honest look at what baggage you might have picked up whilst you got “spiritual.

Another big hurdle is “both/or” thinking. I can both be appropriate and spiritual, or prosperous and no longer spiritual. I can either do what I love or make money. I can both be an excellent person and be negative, or a grasping character and be rich. Either/or thinking is usually restricting. There are never the best selections. This is a limitless universe.

Beliefs are regularly invisible, but they affect your truth besides. Ask your self: Do I consider that money is the root of all evil or some such non secular judgment? Do I suppose cash has any power at all apart from what I deliver it? Do I believe I must work clearly tough to earn cash? Do I choose folks who do not sweat for it, or inherit it, or get hold of it loose? Think, “Rich human beings, CEO’s, Bill Gates, Donald Trump,” and then say your first intestine feelings approximately them out loud. Now you know, at the least partly, why your money vibration is what it’s miles. Ask yourself, “When others have what I recollect “an excessive amount of cash” how do I experience in my frame about them? And what am I basing my judgment upon?

Who says it’s an excessive amount? God? (I promise you God doesn’t judge, and actually gave you unfastened will to do, be, and have anything you need.) ONLY human beings judge. And judgment glues you to the negative issue of that which you choose. Do you ever use the phrase “greed,” as in corporate greed, or is that character greedy because he has way extra than he wishes? Do you’re making humans incorrect who don’t give money to you whilst you ask?

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