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Doesn’t feel like a bull market as company earnings have not been strong: Ajay Tyagi

It doesn’t sense like a bull marketplace yet because we haven’t visibly strong income by using company India within the last four-five years, Ajay Tyagi, Executive Vice President & Fund Manager-Equity, UTI Mutual Fund, said in an interview with Moneycontrol’s Kshitij Anand.
Edited excerpt:
Q) The worldwide slowdown has positioned markets throughout the globe underneath stress. Do you observe investors in India ought to be involved?
A) Apart from the common activities, we additionally have our elections arising in May. I could say that extra than the outcome of what’s taking place globally in phrases of the slowdown, the election outcome in May is possibly to result in brief-term actions inside the marketplace.
The medium to longer-time period views stay, and we would track the earnings boom which in our evaluation ought to be robust within the coming years as we’re popping out of the duration of slowdown.
The upcoming years have to display us sturdy earnings boom. Therefore, I might now not be too concerned as a consequence of global activities seeing that buyers want to comprehend that the construct of a GDP is more of domestic consumption.
Approximately 70 percent of our GDP is home consumption, and consequently, global events don’t impact a rustic like India an excessive amount of because we aren’t an export-established country. We are more of a domestic intake tale.
Q) It does no more extended experience like a bull marketplace due to the fact momentum is at the shoulders of few names?
A) I Agree. The rally hasn’t explicitly been large-based totally and has extraordinarily been slender. Typically bull markets get to construct at the shoulders of a robust profits momentum in the underlining financial system and therefore the underline corporate sector.
To that volume, it doesn’t experience like a bull marketplace but mostly due to the fact we haven’t visible robust earnings by way of company India inside the last 4-five years. Should that start to happen itself then, as you said, it will start feeling like a bull market.
If I take you returned, 2003-2010 with a mild dip in between while the monetary crisis passed off in 2008. If a person asked me why that seven-year length felt like a raging bull marketplace due to the fact income, have been increasing at approximately 15-20% 12 months after 12 months.
So that gives you that big thumping feeling of an underlines a bull marketplace which to my thoughts should be around the corner.
I do experience that we would see strong profits momentum someday within the coming years. Given the history as to how we have behaved over the past two decades, a period of earning slowdown is usually observed with the aid of a duration of strong income increase.
Q) So possibly FY20 is what are you looking at?
A) Hopefully, FY20 itself we must see evidence of improving earnings trajectory
Q) Equity flows are displaying signs of a slowdown. Is that a worry for MF Industry? What does the information endorse at this factor in time?