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Fans spot primary trouble with duct tape bikini fashion

It’s pretty possibly the maximum wildest pageant outfit ever — however enthusiasts have spotted a first-rate hassle with this daring look. Models hit Ultra Festival in Miami over the weekend sporting duct tape bikinis, 2019’s most weird swimming gear trend. But no longer handiest is sporting the skimpy layout extraordinarily brave; there’s additionally first-rate trouble with it. Posting below a video of three women rocking their slightly-there clothing, one fan stated: “It’s all fun and games till one in all them has to pee.

The declaration has brought on a stir among other fans, with many baffled about what the ladies would do once they need to visit the toilet. One individual said: Questions 1: how do you tape the private part? 2: what do you do while you have pee3: does it harm when doing away with the tape?? How in the heck do you cowl your private elements after you’ve been to the toilet??” some other wrote. Severely though, they were harassed. One of the fashions published a photograph of herself after the event that had a comparable stream of questions from worried enthusiasts.


Things that throw my mind … How did u do while u needed to pee? one person stated. What do they do if they want to pee?” a person else said, tagging a friend into the snap. While the bathroom scenario is entirely perplexing, others had been extra interested in how painful it was to do away with it. That tape needed to have harm coming off,” one commenter wrote. Does it harm to take off?! Any other said. While this is arguably one of the wildest festival outfits so far, it’s now not the first time we’ve seen duct tape bikinis. In 2018, the “King of Tape” Joel Alvarez turned heads when his brilliant patterns seemed at Miami Swim Week.

They made a comeback on the catwalk in 2019, carving the way as a frontrunner in the acute swimming gear category — something we’ve in reality no longer been short of this year. Last week a “naked” bikini went viral for looking as if the wearer isn’t wearing any garments, even as the previous month, a micro bikini providing minuscule buckles for straps stunned the internet too. What do you observe of the daring festival outfit? Would you wear it, or do you find the tiny swimwear trend goes too far? Let us realize below.

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