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Fashion Has Become ‘Survival of the Fittest’

The first day of the rest of Andrew Rosen’s life turned into April Fools’, but that changed into a twist of fate, not a sign. It was a few days after he had introduced he turned into stepping down as leader govt of Theory, the business enterprise he based that redefined dressing for work (now owned by Japan’s Fast Retailing); the primary day in almost 40 years that he had no longer been the head of a style logo. And it changed into the primary time in an utterly long term that he had any real time to mirror at the dramatic adjustments in the enterprise he helped create — wherein it has been and wherein it’s miles going. It grew to become out he had lots to mention.


This interview has been edited and condensed.

There’s a favorite experience that American style is in disaster. Do you agree?

I suppose we’re inside the third stage of a change of the style industry commenced after I first began in the mid-Nineteen Seventies. I recollect my dad simply announcing to me then, once I joined his business enterprise, “You’re at the start of the complete subsequent generation of American style. I didn’t understand what he supposed then; however, years later, I found out he turned into right because while designers and clothier-recognized merchandise became the maximum vital things inside the business, now not manufacturing organizations like my father’s. With Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, and Donna Karan, the American style changed. They have become the electricity for the enterprise. And that lasted until the late Nineteen Nineties, while the world shifted, and so did style.

What happened then?

The Europeans were so much more potent in the luxurious cease of the enterprise because they not simplest had the innovative sources, had the economic assets and had the producing resources. They jumped way ahead and, I suppose, ultimately squashed the opportunity in the clothier region for Americans. At the same time came the arrival of the net and mobile telephones, which supposedly no longer being constrained in your office, and the running mother who turned into a businesswoman, a mother, and a spouse. The office wasn’t a destination anymore because the office moved with the man or woman.

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That’s after I created Theory. Initially, I wanted to use the most effective fabric with Lycra because you can dress them up or dress them down. It would help if you traveled to them; you could go with them. They didn’t wrinkle.
Along with Scoop and Stefani Greenfield and Intermix, we were starting to outline this entirely new form of democratic fashion, which changed into especially American and came from the sportswear tradition, and which is now known as “modern-day.

This is all about style imitating lifestyles and a changing balance of electricity, proper? Yes, after which got here the transformation from department save commercial enterprise for direct to consumer. That intended the brands, even though necessary, needed to take a back seat to the purchaser, who now has the most electricity in the dating and is dictating the manufacturers he or she wants. If you take a look at what’s interesting in America nowadays, it is groups like Everlane, Reformation, Warby Parker, Supreme, All birds, which can be constructed in a very extraordinary way, however which replicate a brand new lifestyle in America and popular culture.

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