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Five AI-Powered Nutrition Apps That Help Fitness Enthusiasts With Their Calorie Intake

As the sector grows greater fitness-aware with passing time, the call for technological answers to cater to this burgeoning call for is diversifying. Lately, several startups in India and international are the use of predictive analytics artificial intelligence and natural language processing to assist scores of fitness fanatics to the song and display their vitamins and calorie intake.
In India, this global trend has had a practical impact on the rankings of startups and websites catering to this phase. AI and its various subsets had been leveraged with the aid of those systems to become aware of the calorie intake and additionally to make food tips for a wholesome food regimen. In maximum instances, what we see is that these systems act as a facts repository in which while presenting real-time information to its users, it additionally makes available to several clients who paintings on this area for a decided fee.
In this newsletter, we check the pinnacle AI-primarily based online structures which make use of AI and different deep getting to know technologies to offer an actual-time replace about nutrients consumption.

HealthifyMe: Is a leading Indian weight reduction platform that whose subsidiary app Ria, helps its customers get solutions concerning vitamins and fitness from a professional. The platform these days released. Ria, as defined using the company is an AI Nutritionist and a conversational AI which chat with an answer to their queries revolving health and nutrition in both audio and textual content in extra than ten languages.
The employer claims that the app turned into skilled with the assist of a data set that compiled a hundred and fifty million music meals and 10 million messages that were exchanged between the education and the customers. It supposedly owns the essential information set on this regard and are well suited with favorite fitness wearables gadgets currently to be had in India.

Neutrino: The platform offers vitamins-primarily based facts offerings, analytics, and technologies to its clients and desires to turn itself into the main supply of vitamins-associated perception platform. To allow individualized compilation of information, the platform makes use of NLP and mathematical fashions from the optimation concept and predictive evaluation.
Further, the usage of API and SDK integrations, it allows its partners should buy facts regarding food, vitamins on the way to assist improve their product presenting and services.
FitGenie: The app heavily is based on AI to provide customized data concerning calorie intake and make food pointers as a consequence. Their superior weight loss program evaluation and combines tools of calorie counter with to create dynamic and adaptive macronutrient modifications for this reason imparting exceptional nutrient plan every week for its customers which are generated from its 1+ million meals.
Calorie Mama: The app makes use of AI and image category era to identify the food efficiently and as it should be and also calculated the quantity the energy directly from the picture. Their proprietary API, referred to as Food AI API has been educated to pick out cuisines from across the world, thus making it the maximum culturally various food identification system in the global. Further, with the aid of connecting the API with diverse records sets, the meals which are routinely known using the platform is paired with detailed nutrients records.
Bite AI: Is yet some other online platform which uses deep gaining knowledge of image popularity to examine what the users devour and determine what’s trending in phrases of each favorite dish that the user eats and intake time. The machine studying helps provisions like recognition of beyond food, make hierarchical predictions- this is detected high-stage categories like liquids and soup as well as precise dishes and ingredients. It also integrates with their Food Knowledge Graph that incorporates a large set of commonly eaten meals, with nutrition records, and hierarchical shape. The platform also, also, breaks down the vitamins data energy, macro, and micronutrients in addition to ingredients.

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