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GENE NERLAND: Desert or dessert, which one do you pick?

It goes without pronouncing. However, we all know deserts are quite harsh environments. Water shortage, meal shortage, properly camouflaged poisonous reptiles may be dry and dusty with intense bloodlessness at night. Now cakes have a touch greater happy thoughts in our head. Maybe one thinks of celebrating with buddies and enjoyable. There is only one distinction as a long way as spelling inside the two; dessert has two s’s. I am going to apply that 2nd “s” to represent salvation. The global is a barren region, sure, it produces meals and water galore in lots of locations, but it has no spiritual meals.

The Bible says, “Man shall now not stay via bread on my own.” Man truely wishes that Word of God that brings salvation to us. Salvation brings us joy because we can relax in the forgiveness of sins that Jesus has earned for us. We may additionally have it hard, we may be struggling in many ways, but we can take a deep breath and say, “God is with us. Don’t spend your days out in the miserable situations trodding away, thirsting and hungering for the Word, no want of you to do this because Christ has come to make lifestyles one-of-a-kind for you, and He even gives you life abundantly.


God loves you and cares about you, don’t be dubbed.

God Bless You!

A friend of mine told me that my article, ” Mouth-Watering Thai Desserts” on August ninth, 2008, does now not have facts on the flour used in Thai cakes. My pal changed into proper – I noted flour in one of the seven predominant elements, but I no longer wrote anything approximately flour. Thus, continuing from the previous article on “Mouth-Watering Thai Desserts,” this article will provide cognizance of flour utilized in Thai desserts. Taken collectively, those articles provide a fuller picture of Thai cakes. The following are the not unusual flours utilized in Thai desserts: sticky rice flour, rice flour, cassava starch, corn starch, wheat flour, arrowroot starch, and mung bean flour.

Sticky Rice Flour (paeng Khao now)

Sticky rice flour is also referred to as “sweet rice powder” or “glutinous rice flour.” It is made from quick-grain sticky rice that will become wet, firm, and sticky while cooking. This is due to its proportionally greater variety of waxy starch molecules. With its chewy texture, sticky rice flour is a fave base for buns and pastries. Sticky rice flour is frequently mixed with simple rice flour to create a spread of Thai desserts.

In Thailand, there are 2 types of sticky rice flour: moist and dry. Wet sticky rice flour is finely milled with water, while dry sticky rice flour is finely milled without water. When shopping for sticky rice flour, choose merchandise with white color and no odor or moisture. Example desserts the usage of sticky rice flour are Paeng Jee (grilled coconut desserts), Bua Loy Benjarong (taro, pumpkin, and mung dal beanballs in coconut milk), and Khanom Thua Prep (mung bean stuffing covered with shredded coconut meat).

Rice Flour (paeng Khao jar)

Rice flour is used to thicken numerous dishes and is also a crucial ingredient in various Thai cakes. Rice flour is a good alternative for wheat flour in that the latter causes digestive gadget infection in people who are gluten illiberal. However, rice flour has to be now not used or substituted in some desserts like desserts. This is because rice flour isn’t finely milled like cake flour and might not yield identical first-class desserts. In Thailand, there are three styles of rice flour: rice flour crafted from rice older than a yr – appropriate for absorbing water, rice flour made from new rice – does no longer absorb water as nicely due to its moisture.

Rice flour is made from new rice without water – great at soaking up water.

Beyond the kind of flour, there are numerous grades for each type. To buy rice flour, pick out products with white coloration and the absence of a vintage smell. If you plan to make a dessert with the usage of rice flour, discover flour that becomes finely milled so your dessert could have a clean texture. Example cakes using rice flour are Khanom Chan (nine-layered dessert) and Khanom Thuay (coconut cakes).

Wheat Flour (paeng a lee)

Wheat flour is a pleasant white powder that has high gluten content material. There are one-of-a-kind styles of wheat flour depending on the types/characteristics of wheat used and the milling method. The commonplace wheat flours are bread flour, all reason flour, and cake flour. These three varieties of wheat flour are a kind in the share of protein in the flour. Bread flour has the very best percent of protein, 12%-thirteen%, observed by all motive flour at nine%-10% and cake four at 6%-9%. The protein content is an essential key for a buyer to understand as it yields a different result in cooking. More water could be absorbed in high protein content, and there will be a longer mixing time to achieve optimum consistency. Thus the desserts/snacks which are chewy or sticky normally use the excessive protein content wheat flour.

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