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How to Keep Rust Away for Your Machinery

Many companies lose millions of dollars every year from the corrosion of their equipment made from steel and iron. Manufacturing companies do their part to prevent this problem, but what do you do to ensure you prevent corrosion of your machinery? Due to exposure to water and moisture, your machinery may rust with time, and this will reduce its functionality and effectiveness. Water, salt, and heat are major accelerators of rust, and you must know how you can maintain your equipment to ensure they remain useful. Below are points on how you can keep the rust away from your machinery.

Rust Away for Your Machinery

Clean your Machine After Use

Elements like dust and dirt build up on the machine after use, and if they mix with oil or grease, they can cause corrosion. Your machines are exposed to various conditions during work, and they accumulate a lot of dirt that may damage them. Kor Pak is a major seller of equipment and machine, and every time you buy from them, they will advise you on the importance of keeping your machine clean. Cleaning machines after use keeps off rust or prevents rust from building fast.

Grease of Oil the Bearings

Wear and tear are common on the moving parts of the machines. These parts, together with bearings, are susceptible to rust. Applying grease or oil when storing prevents or slows down rust. Oil forms a protective coating that prevents water or moisture from touching the metal. However, you must know the safe types of oils that will not be dangerous to you or the machine.

Wash Chemicals Off

After exposing your equipment to chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers, you need to wash them off. Chemicals not only cause corrosion but may also pose various dangers to you. Therefore, after work, use a pressure washing machine with soap to get rid of the chemicals.

Paint the Steel

Another effective way of preventing or slowing down rust is by painting the metal. Just like the oil coating, the paint keeps off moisture from reacting with the metal. You need to choose the right paint that will adhere to the metal of your machine.

Store Machines in a Dry Place

Proper storing of the machines is another good way of preventing rust. If you leave your machines outside after use, you are just accelerating the rate of rust. Water is a major enemy of machines made from steel or iron. So, you will have to keep machines in a moisture-free place.

Use Products that Prevent Rust

Luckily, the market has numerous options to assist you in curbing this problem. You can also use rust and corrosion protection products to keep off this problem. Some protective products include break-free and LPS 3. These are the popular rust inhibitors you can easily get from your local shop.

Powder Coating

Acrylic and epoxy are some of the powder coatings you can use to protect your metal. You only sprinkle the powder on your metal, and you are good to go. The powder forms a protective layer, preventing moisture from reaching your metal, thus protecting rust.


The points listed above are perfect solutions for preventing rust. You need to apply them early when your machine is new. Keep rust off equipment to avoid losing money from the need or replacing malfunctioning machines.

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