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Hyderabad MBA Quits Job to Run Viral Food Channel, Feeds 1200 Orphans/Month!


With a perennial smile on his face, a man dressed in a white kurta, pajamas, and a taqiyah redecorating his head, chefs in an inexperienced, open field. Mixing elements, he whips up mouthwatering recipes from extraordinary Indian and, now and then, even global cuisines.

Does it appear like we’re describing a recent viral video you noticed on Facebook or YouTube?

Yes, we’re certainly talking approximately Khwaja Moinuddin, the person behind the YouTube channel ‘Nawab’s Kitchen Food for All Orphans,’ which has fed lots of mouths to date. His channel with more than 220 movies—from the enduring Nizami biryani to a non-oven recipe of black woodland cake and thick shakes made from dragon fruit, figs, custard apple, and several different tropical results—has garnered over 7,00,000 subscribers from across the world. While the meals being cooked aren’t any doubt delicious, it is the cause that it caters to that has made the Hyderabadi an internet sensation.

Viral Food
Once cooked, all of the food is sent to kids in orphanages. No video is whole without a few shots of those glad and happy faces making an appearance in the end. The group feeds close to 1200 youngsters each month and posts two to 3 motion pictures every week on a mean. Multiply that with the aid of years, and you can consider what the effect of these food distribution drives looks as if! The Better India was given in contact with the man with the golden voice and magical hands to know greater about his journey.

39-year-antique Khwaja Moinuddin changed into a middle-class family in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh; however, they grew up in Warangal (now in Telangana). He moved to Hyderabad after his wedding to Naheeda Begum.
An MBA graduate, the young guy, labored for TV channels like ETV and ABN for near thirteen years. “Life was moving at a regular tempo, and I became either at paintings or domestic. While the activity did control to pay the bills, there was no satisfaction. Then, around five years ago, I had a conversation about doing something distinct, ideally within the cultural quarter, with my buddies Srinath Reddy and Bhagat Reddy,” he says. He did now not have the financial backing to take the chance; however, two years ago, Khwaja decided to move beforehand and start the YouTube channel.

When exactly did his ardor for cooking begin?

“When I resided alone, I was once pretty homesick, so I favored cooking at domestic. Besides, I come from a common middle-elegance heritage, and my family couldn’t afford to shop for sumptuous food on every occasion. So, I could often see appearance-up recipes and whip them up in my kitchen. My buddies, however, most significantly my youngsters, like the meals I cooked and might inform me that there was magic in my palms. And as soon as I began Nawab’s Kitchen, there has been no looking back.” Khwaja started analyzing cookbooks, watching motion pictures, and getting to know approximately the unique cuisines from specific corners of India.

The guy who as soon as worked a nine-hour shift inside the consolation of an air conditioner turned into now operating 12-thirteen hours an afternoon in the warmth. From traveling to locate the proper region to shoot, acquiring first-rate elements, researching recipes, prepping ingredients, cooking the food in large vessels, mastering the basics of spice portions, and distributing them to beneficiaries, he realized that it turned into loads of hard work.
“When we began, for near four months, Shrinath, Bhagat, and I did all the work. Today, we’ve got a crew of 7 individuals to help us. All of us are similarly obsessed with meals and the purpose we’re running for. There are the days while your arms, lower back, even ribs pain from status and working long hours. But once I see the smile with which the children in those ashrams eat the food I cook dinner, I overlook the pain. It all appears well worth it,” he says. Even though they have got help, the obligation of slicing the greens and getting ready the workstation for cooking rests with the trio.

Khwaja initially began making films while he becomes running with an information channel. When they took the net with the aid of the hurricane and gained recognition, he becomes confronted by using the business enterprise and knowledge that the films have affected his efficiency at work. While they were appreciative of the cause of feeding orphans, they requested him to make a preference and even presented him a higher package deal to stop keep him publish. Khwaja, Srinath, and Bhagat determined to retain with Nawab’s Kitchen. In truth, all 3 of them positioned down their papers on the same day.

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