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Integrating promotive, preventive, and healing health care services at hospitals and fitness facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Netsanet Fetene Wendimagegn,1 Marthie C Bezuidenhout2
1Health Management and Leadership, Yale Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; 2Department of Health Studies, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
Background: The modern trend in patients’ disorder management is frequently aimed at addressing their gift health lawsuits; the point of interest is for this reason purely curative. As the boundaries of curative medicine grow to be apparent and the value of medical care escalates, disorder prevention is gaining prominence. Factors that contribute to the unreliable shipping of an incorporated fitness care service are worth investigation. This has a look at explores the quantity to which health is promoting and disorder prevention services are included to curative health care and identifies the factors related to now not reliably providing the services.
Methods: A pass-sectional quantitative have a look at using an exploratory, and descriptive design become used to discover and describe the extent of fitness promoting, preventive, and curative health care services provision, and investigated elements related to low performance. Phase I of the examine examined the diploma of promotive and preventive fitness care provision at hospitals and health facilities even as studying the staffing and gadget and supply popularity of the facilities. Phase II, using the Delphi consensus-seeking manner, focused on the validation of the findings from Phase I.
Results: Of all patients who attended fitness centers, best 2.Four% (n=20) obtained the most fulfilling fitness merchandising offerings. Disease prevention services had been optimally provided to only 3.6% (n=30) patients. Integrated fitness advertising and disease prevention offerings have been furnished to best zero — eight % (n=7) sufferers. The primary motives for not offering an included health care carrier were a shortage of professional health workforce, gadget, medicine, protocols, and guidelines, and high provider value, evil patient consciousness, and fitness specialists’ attention on healing health care.
Conclusion: Health carrier carriers were now not robotically undertaking affected person-precise fitness advertising, sickness prevention, and included health care offerings, losing the opportunities of affected person’s presence for health promotion and illnesses prevention functions. Addressing boundaries can help with integrating fitness advertising and sickness prevention offerings to the curative health care offerings.
Keywords: incorporated fitness carrier, ailment prevention, fitness merchandising, healing care, non-communicable sicknesses