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Less than 50 in keeping with cent seats allocated in Degree Online Services Telangana phase 1

Continuing the trend of the last few years, BSc is emerging because the maximum fashionable movement in Degree Online Services Telangana (DOST) 2019 is going via the first list of admissions launched by the officers on Monday.
While BSc with Life Sciences and Physical Sciences has attracted 52,435 allotments, it’s far trailed utilizing BCom with 39,277 allotments. Among the BCom guides as well, there may be a clear winner, the BCom Computer application, with 33,129 allotments. In the first section of counseling, the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) has received 1,12,363 registrations for a complete of two, seventy-eight,081 vacant seats.

Once again, it appears diploma schools will see greater ladies when you consider that sixty-one in keeping with cent (sixty-five,058) of these who’ve been allotted seats are ladies. The 2nd segment of counseling which started will pass on till June 15. Meanwhile, personal degree schools continue to be the favored desire of students with sixty-nine .7 consistent with cent (73,436) college students seeking admission in them. Whereas government diploma schools have attracted 28,352 admissions, and 3,514 have opted for University schools.

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The demand for English medium faculties has long passed up in a previous couple of years, with ninety-two,280 choosing it, against 12,580 students, who opted for Telugu medium faculties. Only 555 students opted for Urdu medium schools, 14 for Hindi medium, and two each favored Sanskrit and Arabic as the medium of preparation.
As many as 11 faculties have secured one hundred in keeping with cent admissions inside the first section itself, stated Prof R Limbadiri, DOST convenor and VP, TSCHE. However, a massive quantity of schools has obtained a terrible reaction from college students. Nearly 500 schools have recorded much less than 25 admissions while 453 have 0 admissions,” he stated.

University-sensible allocation noticed Osmania University main with 44,726 seats in its affiliated faculties, while colleges beneath Kakatiya University have were given simplest 27,010 takers. Students don’t have to submit files at some stage in verification. Talking approximately the troubles students face if the university government retains their certificates, Navin Mittal, Commissioner of Collegiate Education, stated that students could no longer be required to submit their files in certificates verification. “They should get their certificates confirmed and retake them. Those allocated seats need to file to schools on Aug 1,” he stated

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