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Mickey Mehta offers his tackle health, yoga, and ‘Mickeymising’ health

In nowadays’s fast-paced global, fitness is fundamental to staying on top of your game. And helping you do that for the closing 36 years is holistic fitness and fitness guru Mickey Mehta. He recommends yoga and device-loose workout routines; he has executed enormous paintings in the space of bodily fitness, mind science, and spiritual growth.  That isn’t always all. Mickey is likewise credited with introducing the concept of ‘Learn Swimming in 24 hours, which put him inside the Limca Book of World Records. His customers consist of numerous renowned industrialists, politicians, and Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, and Aamir Khan.

As we look at the fifth International Yoga Day, Mickey Mehta talks approximately his health journey, the essence of yoga, and holistic residing in an exclusive interview with a weekender. Weekender: How and when did you begin your adventure toward fitness? Mickey Mehta: When I became younger, I admired all my cousins who had earned black belts in martial arts. Whenever they practiced their moves, I could quietly stand in a nook, watch them, and emulate them. Later, I made it a point to lock myself in a room and practice.


I formally began getting to know martial arts in 1981. After three to four years, I earned a black belt and commenced my stint as an instructor. As time exceeded, I was given into different kinds of fitness like yoga and started spreading the phrase about holistic living. In 1993, I received the possibility to instruct the Femina Miss India; many business tycoons and Bollywood stars followed.

YSW: What distinguishes yoga from different kinds of fitness?

MM: Yoga is not only a tool to lose weight; it’s a way of existence. According to me, it’s miles the final form of well-being. Yoga is an all-encompassing science capable of retaining the bodily, mental, and emotional country of human beings. It can construct people’s persona and psyche and cause a sense of fulfillment. And, most significantly, yoga is the handiest shape of health that rejuvenates the outer frame in addition to the internal body.

MM: The science of yoga, which originated in India, has shown people to live intelligently, sensibly, and ethically. It has spread peace and concord throughout the united states. Though there are exceptional variations of yoga, the lowest line remains the same: holistic and healthful living. Besides, yoga has to turn out to be very pervasive. The fable that it is supposed for the vintage and growing older no longer exists. Awareness has improved exponentially.

MM: Young human beings today are continuously searching for innovation. Hence, I determined to provide a twist to standard asanas and breathing techniques. A ‘Yo workout’ is a fun set of physical games inclusive of warm-ups, stretches, muscle strengthening, cardio, abs training, and so forth. This exercise’s layout aims to enhance your power, stamina, flexibility, digestion, and blood movement. I even have written approximately it in an element in my latest e-book, Lose Weight, Gain Shape.

YSW: According to you, what’s an excellent yoga regime?

MM: Every minute spent practicing yoga is certain to complement human beings’ lifestyles. I would recommend approximately 10 to fifteen minutes of meditation, observed by way of pranayama and some simple yet powerful asanas like Surya Namaskar, Pawan Mukta Asana, and Tad and Naukasana. This will, in reality, lead to a healthy body, extend blood move, and keep one healthy.

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