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Recipe: Hummingbird cake

I continually assumed that the hummingbird’s cake derived its name from its unapologetic sweetness: a cake so making a song with fruit juice and tender caramelly sugar that charms the (buzzing)birds from the trees. The origins may additionally in truth be extra prosaic: firstly referred to as the Doctor Bird cake, it turned into named after the countrywide symbol of Jamaica, a type of hummingbird, simplest discovered on the island, and it first came to reputation outdoor of Jamaica thanks to a bit of a PR stunt.

It changed into an advertising device, certainly: considered one of several recipes exported through the Jamaican Tourist Board in 1968 in little press packs despatched to the USA. But the cake itself and preference of name need to have come from somewhere before the Jamaicans sent the banana-pineapple cake to the yanks, so I like to imagine that its nectar-sweetness had a part to play.


I’m now not sure how successful the mail-out turned into in phrases of selling Jamaican-US relations. However, it became pretty powerful in endearing the cake to the Americans. It has enjoyed unique popularity in the Southern states, which proportion Jamaica’s flavor for all matters sweet and a beneficent scattering of pecans. The first recorded American recipe changed into in 1978 in Southern Living magazine (a Deep South cooking organization); given that then, it has become its maximum requested recipe.

I’m a truly massive fan of this cake. If I’m creating a cake for a pal and that they provide me unfastened reign, it’s probably they’re going to get a hummingbird cake, and it has come to be the de facto birthday cake in our family. Packed complete of smushed ripe bananas and overwhelmed pineapple, it’s far dense and wet, gently spiced with cinnamon and filled with handfuls of chopped pecans. Thanks to oil usage rather than butter, honestly, no elbow grease is wanted (always an advantage in my book): the elements are virtually stirred together, then baked earlier than – historically – being crowned with cool, smooth cream cheese icing.

Preheat the oven to one hundred eighty°C and line the bottom of two eight-inch cake tins. Mash the bananas and stir thru the overwhelmed pineapple, blending in the vegetable oil, eggs, and sugar. Stir the self-raising flour, salt, and cinnamon collectively. Stir this into the wet mixture till very well combined, then fold through the pecans. Divide the aggregate evenly among the 2 cake tins, and bake for forty mins, or until the sponge is risen and golden and, when pressed lightly with a finger, springs again. Remove from the oven, set to one facet for ten minutes, release the sponges from the tin, and leave to cool completely.

Make the icing via creaming the butter and icing sugar collectively, after which folding inside the cream cheese until clean and thick – don’t over whip or it turns into runny. Remove the greaseproof paper from the bottom of the cool cakes. Spoon half of the icing onto one of the sponges, location the other on top of it, and spoon the second 1/2 of the icing on top of that. If you’d like the icing to company up to the touch, refrigerate the cake before you serve. Why not invite your friend over for a meal, and in the intervening time, ask them to carry alongside a duplicate of their favored vegan recipes and food for you? Copy the recipe down and strive it out for yourself. Remember that it is their favorite recipe for a cause, so it must be top!

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