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Stellar night of track and phrases

Salon Diary / By Karen Daly

Poet Marcia B. Loughran summed up the mid-March IAW&A Salon at the Cell as “another stellar nighttime of music, phrases – wow, what track?” It was indeed nighttime of dynamic performances, innovative track, and an enthusiastic complete house. Playing his ukulele, the youngster Ian McCourt lead off that stellar music with two original songs, “Burn You” and “Been There. Warning that we had been in for a tough trip, crime fiction creator Gary Cahill added the chilling opener to his novel in-the-works, “Bird On the Water.” In Gary’s words: “An out-of-manage NYPD captain leaves a tableau of horror and loss of life on a sunshiny West Side street and believes he’ll walk away clean?

Fasten your seatbelts for this one.

Stellar night of track and phrases 121

In her 2nd Salon appearance, actor/singer Andrea Barnes, AKA Red, described operating as a server in a 4-celebrity Michelin restaurant, wherein she notes, “The Guest is God.” When one guest requested a smile, she selected “Rake Rocks in Kyoto” on the restaurant floor to reap the best carrier and avoid an existential crisis. In a lovely second, she sang the John Mayer song, “Gravity,” in tribute to her pal, the overdue Anthony Bourdain.

Kathleen O’Sullivan wrote, illustrated, and narrated a video memoir, “The Irish of Isham Street,” her tale of growing up Irish-Catholic in New York City. She confirmed a bankruptcy, “The Church,” that some of us can relate to. A young female tries to experience what the nuns and clergy members have taught her about Heaven and Hell. Terrified that she’s a sinner who will burn in Hell, she strategizes approximately a way to get to Heaven.

Annalisa Chamberlin, accompanied on acoustic guitar by using Salon manufacturer and host John Kearns, sang songs in her lovely natural voice: the sweetly sorrowful “The West Coast of Clare” by Andy Irvine of Planxty, and a rendition of U2’s “ I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. In full throttle “person actor” mode, Thom Molyneaux finished a part of an epic monologue from Ben Clawson’s black comedy, “Omnivores.” Tom calls it a “terrible and hilarious tale of an unhinged hunter’s struggles with the deer he killed that wouldn’t live dead.” And Tom’s performance killed. Annalisa Chamberlin will perform a scene from Thom’s popular play, “Kilmainham,” on the four/16 Salon on the Cell.

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