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Tips for Finding the Right Replacement Sump Pump

If you live in a house that floods and the basement are always wet, you need a reliable solution. A sump pump collects the water that goes to the basement and releases it to the outside. You can find a reliable sump pump at your nearest plumbing store. However, when buying a sump pump for replacement, you must consider things to ensure you buy the right one. This article will take you through some of the most important ones.

Right Replacement Sump Pump

Understand Why You Need the Pump

If you live in a place that floods a lot when it rains and the water rises from the basement, then you need an effective defense mechanism. A sump pump is your best weapon in this case. You also require checking other leaking areas to know the right pump to get. If you have other places leaking apart from the basement, you will require a more specialized solution.

Know the Two Types of Sump Pumps

Pumpbiz provides two different kinds of sump pumps, and you need to know how they work. The pedestal pump is mounted on a pole on the ground and elevated to spill the water in a sump. If you have a small pit, then pedestal pumps may be the best for you. Although they might be cumbersome and noisy, they will last long for about 15 years. Another type is the Submersible pump. This pump is placed in the pit below the water, which is why they are stable and noiseless. With a submersible pump, you can expect its services for up to 30 years.

Know the Capacity

The pumps come in different capacities, and it is measured in gallons per hour. When choosing the capacity, you need to consider the setup of your sump pit first. You will also need to consider the head pressure when measuring the capacity. The head pressure is the length of the pipe used to discharge water from the basement.

Have a Backup Option

A sump pump is a reliable solution if you live in a flooding area. However, your electricity is not. Power tends to go off, especially during heavy rains, and without a backup solution, you will end up with a flooded basement and a wet floor. So, think of other options you can apply. Such include buying an extra battery for the pump or get a power generator for backup in case of an electricity blackout.

Other crucial things to look at when buying a replacement sump pump include;

  • Non-corrosive materials
  • A pump fitted with an alarm to alert you in case of anything
  • The length of the cord should be long enough
  • The size of the pump depending on the size of the pit


Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of what to look for when finding the right replacement sump pump. If you still do not know the right one to choose, it will be wise to ask a professional. Remember, keeping your basement wet could bring a lot of major issues to your house. Therefore, make sure you get the right sump pump to get rid of the water.

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