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Visa curbs hit enterprise of US IT staffing cos run by using Indians

PUNE: IT offerings, staffing, and consulting companies inside the United States — in large part owned through Indians — also are locating business fashions below danger due to the expanded denial rates for H-1B visas.
“Our boom has been hampered because of the uncertainty around the H-1B visas,” stated Kishore Khandavalli, CEO of Seven-Tablets, a custom software program improvement firm. “In a few instances, groups have spent $6,000 to use for a visa, and instead of 3 years, they’ve been granted a visa for one day.

In a few instances, visa extensions have been rejected, saying the petitioner isn’t always certified, even though they have been granted in advance under similar situations. Staffing businesses hire nearly 17 million transient and agreement personnel annually inside the US, of which 13% are in engineering, information generation, and scientific jobs, in line with the American Staffing Association. The precise wide variety of these on H-1B visas isn’t always to be had. The extended call for people with virtual era competencies and low unemployment charges in the US suggests there’s a dearth of nearby tech expertise.


IT specialists have visible a much higher denial charge — as excessive as forty% compared to 1% for other huge tech companies like Microsoft Corp., Google, and Amazon.Com. This consists of IT offerings corporations like Tata Consultancy Services and Cognizant and smaller staffing firms that provide contract people to companies.
While visa fees had gone up, agencies were required to document a clean utility on every occasion the individual is deployed at every other customer vicinity, said Deepali Khadakban, CEO, Precision Technologies Corporation.

In the case of visa denials, there is no manner of offsetting the expenses incurred. This has had a large economic effect, and we can not pass on those prices to the customer. At the same time, there’s uncertainty over whether we’d get the visa approval or now not. As a result, our competitiveness is getting impacted,” she stated.
H-1B visa regulations require the agency to pay the visa processing charges, and while those expenses were gradually growing, so have the variety of visa denials. There have been instances where visa extension requests have been denied. For now, not meeting the situations required, even though the preliminary visa has been granted beneath the equal situations, Kadakia stated.

This has made it tough for those companies to plot deployments at clients, with a few customers now preferring not to settle H-1B workers due to the uncertainty. In some instances, companies have started sending paintings outdoor the USA since they can not meet the expertise requirements regionally. Earlier this year, staffing companies filed over 40 court cases towards the USCIS underneath the banner of the serve Alliance, tough the visa denials.

Their key contention is that the USCIS has been decoding the guidelines misguiding the visa manner over the past few years. The courts have overturned about ninety% of the visa denial cases as they do meet the regulatory necessities,” said Gopi Kandukuri, country-wide president, IT Serve Alliance. The serve Alliance is an affiliation of IT services, staffing, and consulting corporations. It has over 1,100 member companies, employing over 70,000 people across the US and India, doing combined enterprise well worth $five billion.

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