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Who’s Afraid of Amazon in Digital Health?⁠⁠⁠—Brainstorm Health


On this summer season solstice, we’ve received some extra insight into exactly why health care organizations are so concerned about Amazon’s entry into the virtual health area. Those concerns usually made me feel in a theoretical way (Amazon is, despite everything, the Killer of Industries, from retail to cloud garage to the logistics region).
But files unveiled as part of a lawsuit among CVS and a former employee who absconded to the Amazon-bought PillPack pharmacy delivery business offer more info on precisely what’s driving the angst. More details under. Read on for the day’s news, and have a remarkable weekend.


Lawsuit docs provide a glimpse into health care’s Amazon anxiety. About that aforementioned CVS lawsuit and what it says about Amazon: “Our assessment of files associated with a case filed by CVS – which seeks to prevent a former CVS executive from becoming a member of PillPack – suggests that Amazon is seeking to expand a provider offering that might bypass PBMs [pharmacy benefit managers] and agreement at once with payers,” analysts from Jeffries wrote, in keeping with The Street. The nightmare situation for present fitness giants is any entity that cuts into the lucrative enterprise health care area, particularly thru direct negotiations with fundamental insurers. It seems this can be precise what Amazon is planning (although the extent of viable services continues to be fuzzy). (The Street)


Addy 2.0? Addy, the girls’ libido treatment constantly mislabeled as a “woman Viagra” has elicited controversial masses. Its safety and efficacy changed into questioned by specialists whilst accredited with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); its sales have… now not been extremely good, though they’ve advanced significantly in the beyond few months in part thanks to new online sexual health product vendors. But regulators at the moment are set to determine on any other female libido drug that might also prove arguable. Amag Pharmaceuticals’ Vyleesi, unlike Sprout Pharma’s Addy, is available in a shot in preference to a pill and doubtlessly harbors fewer side consequences. Its capacity in the market stays an open question. (Bloomberg)


Missouri’s final abortion clinic can also shut down. Missouri fitness officers invite a first-rate felony brouhaha after successfully ordering the country’s lone, existing abortion health center to shut down. The medical institution will continue to be open on a brief foundation thanks to a decide’s injunction; a more lasting decision may additionally come in the following couple of days. But if Missouri succeeds in refusing the health center’s application for renewal, it’d become the first state in the U.S. With 0 abortion clinics. In the past, a policy was frequently driven solely by compliance with legislation.

In the new approach to workplace health management, policy development is driven by legislative requirements and by health targets set voluntarily by the working community within each industry. To be effective, Workplace Health Management needs to be based on knowledge, experience, and practice accumulated in three disciplines: occupational health, workplace health promotion, and environmental health. It is important to see WHM as a process for continuous improvement and health gain within the company and as a framework for involvement between various agencies in the community. It offers a platform for cooperation between the local authorities and business leaders on community development by improving public and environmental health.

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