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Why I left Google Play Music for Spotify years in the past

If there is one song streaming carrier that’ll go down as one of the maximum underrated in history, it will be Google Play Music. It has a fantastic selection of songs to move, may be used as a virtual locker for storing your very own library of tunes, and taps into Google’s all-knowing AI tech to suggest songs based totally at the time of day and wherein you are. Add that collectively with exceptional UIs for cell/computer and stable pricing, and it’s quite excellent package deal. YouTube Music existed for a while alongside Google Play Music, but in 2018, it received a considerable overhaul with plans from Google to update Play Music with YouTube Music.

This news saddened a lot of lengthy-time Play Music subscribers, and the remaining week, Google commenced making its initial moves toward Play Music’s eventual shutdown. It isn’t very nice to know that Play Music is progressively heading closer to the light, and even as I turned into a subscriber for quite a while, I’ve been letting Spotify take care of all of my song needs and wants over the past few years. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.


Like many people who make money working from home, I’m pretty a good deal listening to tune all day lengthy. Sometimes, I want to concentrate on unique albums or artists, but a lot of days, I wish to background tunes that I can experience while cranking out articles. Just approximately every streaming carrier out there has custom playlists to some diploma; however, in my experience, I’ve found that Spotify is the quality in those regards. Specifically, I’m in love with its Daily Mixes. Spotify creates six of these for you, every one with its very own awesome style of the tune.

For example, my Daily Mix 1 is a set of opportunity artists I regularly listen to. Daily Mix 2 is a big playlist of people songs, and Daily Mix four is wherein I pass for my oldies — Tony Bennett, The Temptations, and many others. These are typically my move-to playlists because I recognize that I’ll enjoy the music I’m listening to, along with an excellent blend of songs I’m acquainted with and a few new ones here and there to assist me in increasing my horizons. Just final week, I came through a brand new playlist I hadn’t seen before, referred to as Everyday Favorites.

It’s a mixture of my most-listened-to songs as of late and a few tracks Spotify thinks I’d like throughout an expansion of genders. I’ve already observed some new artists I’m eager to check out extra, and I failed to need to actively are seeking for them out. I know a few human beings haven’t appreciated Spotify’s curation to almost the identical degree that I do; however, for me, it works nicely.

Finding a smart device that Spotify would not paintings on is kind of an anomaly in 2019. The cell app works nearly the same on both my Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS. When I want to jam out in the living room, I can both hit up the Spotify Roku app or begin streaming to my Sonos Beam through integrated integration within the Sonos app. Whether I’m rocking a Wear OS wearable or Apple Watch, I can seamlessly manipulate my music right on my wrist.

All the Google Assistant speakers scattered throughout my domestic? I can play Spotify at any time by using only using my voice. Many music streaming offerings are on multiple structures nowadays, but everyone seems to have some form of omission here and there. So long as we are not talking approximately the Apple HomePod or Fitbit’s smartwatches, Spotify exists genuinely anywhere inside the tech space.

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