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American Airlines flight attendant spills drink over airline’s CEO

Spilling a drink on a passenger is one of the worst mistakes a flight attendant can make, so spare a thought for ‘Maddie’ of American Airlines, who splashed rum and coke over a passenger who naturally so came about to be the CEO. I have a tray of drinks on it when the passenger in the front of me stops within the aisle and backs up. [He hit] the tray and the liquids pass flying,” Maddie published on Instagram. Guys, I have labored for American Airlines for four years, and now not as soon as have I ever spilled a drink on a passenger.


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Maddie said she become virtually mortified while she realized who the passenger changed into.
I desired to drop useless right there in the aisle. Like, am I nevertheless employed?!

Fortunately, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker laughed the coincidence off, made jokes about it for the rest of the flight, or even took a picture with the embarrassed cabin crew member.
As he left the plane, Parker had one remaining issue to say to Maddie: I’ll never forget you.
She’s now not confident if it is a great thing or no longer – possible she’ll find out at her subsequent performance review.


Ask Rasheed Hamilton if he liquids Philadelphia’s faucet water, and he’ll study you want you asked if he drinks motor oil. That’s like sliding down a massive razor blade and jumping in an alcoholic lake,” the North Philadelphia resident said. “You in no way recognize what’s going to take place with that. Instead, like a few 40 percentages of Philadelphians, Hamilton liquids bottled water. He loves Fiji and Poland Spring, although he isn’t too unique approximately the logo.

Pretty a lot anybody that’s bottled,” he said. “Just as lengthy because it’s now not out of the spigot. Natalie Walker of North Philadelphia feels the equal way and avoids ingesting water from the faucet or giving that water to her teenage daughter. I don’t suppose that the water’s easy enough,” Walker stated. “And I assume we can all taste that it’s no longer spotless sufficient.

Their distrust of the metropolis’s water is shared using many that select bottled water at home. That mistrust is mainly stated amongst low-earnings minority and girl citizens, who drink bottled water at higher prices than their opposite numbers. It’s only a dynamic of a loss of investment inside those groups,” said Mustafa Santiago Ali, vice president for environmental justice, climate, and community revitalization on the National Wildlife Fund.
“These groups have been disproportionately impacted in lots of various approaches over time,” he said, “and if you need to rebuild that belief, then meaning which you’re going to need to put money into that space.

That’s what a new campaign referred to as Drink Tap Philly is hoping to do. Led by using a coalition of 4 businesses, such as ImpactED at the University of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Water Department, PennEnvironment, and the Water Center at Penn, the campaign launches later this month and desires to deliver the message that Philly’s water is safer, inexpensive, and extra environmentally friendly than bottled water.

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