Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Frappuccinos & Espresso Drinks Today

We’re simply hours from the summer solstice. The days are longer. The climate is stunning. Around every corner sits something tempting you to live up overdue and revel in a number of the exceptional nights of the yr, no matter the toll it will take on you during the lengthy afternoon hours of work tomorrow. […]

First day of summer time: Here’s in which to attain loose food; liquids to chill you down

Today is not handiest the primary day of summer time, but it’s additionally the longest day of the yr, so why no longer deal with yourself? Below is a listing of offers which have the capacity to make your bounce into summer a pretty darn desirable one. (Note: Not every restaurant in a sequence may […]

Do Any Drinks *Actually* Help Cure A Hangover?

Gatorade, Pedialyte, Powerade, coconut water—absolutely everyone has *that* hangover drink that they swear makes them feel at least mildly much less depressing whilst nursing a deadly headache or unwell belly the morning after drinking. And maximum of these famous morning treatments have a common thread, too: They’re filled with electrolytes, which might be minerals that […]

Cops detain two, capture nine containers of alcoholic beverages in Port Dickson

PORT DICKSON, June 22 ― Two men had been arrested while 9 bins of alcoholic drinks confiscated in the course of an integrated operation completed towards commercial enterprise premises promoting liquor within the location. This became following two deaths this week because of poisonous alcohol poisoning from the consumption of alcohol that became purchased at […]

672 held in international swoop on fake food and drink

Packets of cheese and chook on which the promote-by means of dates have been tampered with, meat that had been stored in unsanitary situations and liquids containing dangerous substances had been among the products seized in raids on stores, markets and for the duration of shipping assessments. In Zimbabwe, the government seized nearly 14,000 liters […]

When Seth Meyers Day Drinks With Rihanna, We All Day Drink With Rihanna

If you requested each person on the street what platonic activity they’d like to do with Rihanna, they’d say drink. And if you asked every person who they’d like to day drink with, out of all people in the complete global, they’d say Rihanna. Meyers made a panoply of cocktails primarily based on Rih’s songs, […]

Erectile dysfunction medication in tender liquids? Authorities seize 18.7 million food items

More than €117 million really worth of doubtlessly risky faux food and drink was taken out of movement inside the trendy section of Operation Opson. The effort is a joint operation between Europol and Interpol which goals both substandard and counterfeit meals and beverages. The collaboration of 78 nations in Operation Opson VIII, succeeded in […]

The Full Bottle: Is blending your liquids worse than sticking to at least one type of alcohol?

When I became a lad, leaving domestic and achieving the felony consuming age turned into a probably dangerous combination. Not to mention accomplishing the prison age to drive a car at an awful lot the equal time. My father’s recommendation changed into, “Just don’t blend your beverages.” I later found many different dads had instructed […]