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How New Tech Made an Impact on Gaming?

The gaming industry is always looking for new technologies to make the game more interesting and unique. Sometimes it is not so cheap to do this, so companies must wait for the right moment to push the market. This has been done for the past decade, and we are now at the slow phase until VR and other technologies are implemented more in our daily lives.mus

Virtual reality is the best example of technology ahead of its time. We have an online casino being something relatively new, and they are already trying to implement it into VR. But there are also a lot of innovations that are making the games better than ever. Most of them have to do with new software used for development.

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New Displays

One of the things that revolutionized gaming is the new displays we have today. Back when 30fps was normal, you couldn’t even make great games because playing them wouldn’t feel smooth. Even the change from 720p to HD was amazing for everyone that enjoys gaming, but we now have curved screens and refresh rates where you can’t even notice the difference.playing hem

Nowadays, there are displays with 240Hz, which look so clean while playing that every game feels realistic. This is why so many games have a “movie” look, making them more appealing to the viewer. The prices might still be high for these screens, but you can get an average one with 26 inches and 144Hz for around $300.

Virtual Reality

VR and AR are the future of gaming because it allows users to be inside their favorite game. This is like playing a casino online and in real life, which feels different because of your surroundings. Facebook and their Metaverse project tried to push this trend and gain a large following for a short period, but it didn’t turn out well.

This failure of Meta happened because it’s still not the right moment to convert the majority when we still have great PC and console games. But, even if it’s not the right time, some amazing VR games will change gaming for you. For example, horror games can’t be compared to what you played on PC, and it’s just a new level of gaming.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has been on the market for a while, and most pro gamers are not very satisfied with it because you have slight delays because of the connection between the servers and your PC. But, this might change when these delays become much smaller, and you have low latencies without a noticeable difference.

These services are a month or more, but it gives you access to many games that could take a lot of storage on your PC. This might be a good option if you don’t have a $2K PC that can handle everything.

Mobile Gaming

Even if the eSports industry is mostly focused on PC gaming, mobile gaming is making a bigger profit, and most popular games are making a mobile version. Some manufacturers started to use facial recognition for mobile games to stop minors from playing too much. This happened with League of Legends made Wild Rift, and after the second anniversary, they already have a $2 million pool prize for the World Championship event.

Crypto Games

Imagine that you can make money while playing games. Many crypto gaming providers are trying to achieve this, but it’s been a hard path towards this goal because crypto is still not so accepted by the public. Even if a lot of investors and people support this industry, it needs to be regulated for crypto games to show their full potential. Like VR, this is also a part of our future; it’s only a matter of time before it becomes normal.

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