The Problem Behind the Problem: Why Technology Perpetuates Bias

There was a dream that generation would be the splendid equalizer. From social media democratizing country wide and international discourse to new era simplifying elections to pc algorithms cutting thru prejudice. But that hasn’t panned out: social media is ripping our social cloth to shreds, elections are beneath regular siege, and our generation is perpetuating […]

Technology tracks sound of gunshots goes stay in Tampa, hopes to music crime

TAMPA, Fla. — A era used to music the sound of gunfire in hopes of responding to a scene or a gun shot victim faster is now live in Tampa. On Friday, at eleven a.M., the ShotSpotter generation turned into became directly to help the branch tune the sound waves of gun pictures. The era […]

US bans exports to 5 Chinese generation entities, expanding exchange battle to supercomputing

US officials are banning exports to 4 Chinese generation organizations and one studies institute due to the fact that they’re undermining American countrywide security, the modern pass in a broadening confrontation over superior era among the arena’s main economies. The declaration, in a notice to the Federal Register dated on Tuesday, comes after last month’s […]

Enterprise-Technology Companies Trigger Investor Zeal

Slack Technologies Inc.’s hovering marketplace debut on Thursday became the latest instance of investors’ unquenchable appetite for tech agencies constructing contemporary virtual offerings for different companies. OTTAWA – The House of Commons’ country wide-safety committee “questions the expertise” of the use of era produced in China inside the electronic devices and software Canadians use daily. […]

Is Technology Turning Us Into Horned Monsters? Not Exactly

Are young human beings without a doubt growing horns from using their smart telephones? The short answer isn’t any, however, for a while media insurance appeared to suggest in any other case. And now a public provider announcement. Contrary to what you can have heard on social media, the dangers of cellphone use do now […]

Betting in cricket: A observe how era has played the function of a catalyst – Part 3

Cricket viewing in recent times is a completely worthwhile enjoy, actually. While watching the marquee conflict among India and Pakistan, this correspondent pocketed cashbacks. How? Simple. Just by using guessing the final results of the next delivery bowled at the same time as looking the live streaming of the suit. In among, the viewer gets […]

Algolux’s new era shall we your automobile camera to peer hidden gadgets

the gadget learning optimization and embedded software for independent vision developer business enterprise have announced that it has evolved a brand new technique so one can permit the automobile cameras to see hidden items occluded by using partitions or different gadgets. The technology will work on phone cameras as well. With the self-sufficient using technology […]

Technology gives large scope to provide enriched healthcare revel in: Experts

As human beings have become extra knowledgeable and empowered due to considerable swathes of facts on various structures, the function of generation holds a big significance. As an enabler, the modern-day-day technologies are proving to be boon in improving the shipping of offerings on each front inclusive of diagnosis, rural healthcare delivery like telemedicine, and […]

Why we ought to embrace new generation

After the phonograph became extensively to be had in the past due 19th century, humans marveled on the powers of the newfangled system. For the primary time in human history, the song might be experienced without a stay musician. But not everyone welcomed this radical trade. Philadelphia banned phonographs from a metropolis park, the New […]