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Blake Shelton Drinks, Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Party & More Wild 2019 ACM Awards Moments

The 2019 ACM Awards had heaps of untamed and a laugh moments!

During Sunday night’s award show in Las Vegas, the united states of America-crammed target audience genuinely felt inspired by way of Sin City as it changed into a major party! Blake Shelton drank out of a significant straw, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had been dancing and partying like crazy, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard cozied up to his pregnant wife, Thomas Rhett and his gal Lauren grooved to each overall performance and greater!
We positioned all our favorite wild and amusing moments proper right here for you — oh, and don’t omit Maren Morris chugging out of a red solo cup.

Blake Shelton Drinks, Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Party & More Wild 2019 ACM Awards Moments 121

1. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban proved they could make celebration!

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